JewVid-19 – The Brain-Eating Jew Virus

By Arch Stanton

America is suffering a severe pandemic of brain-eating Jewvid19.   

“Jewvid19 spreads relentlessly through the electromagnetic spectrum, presenting itself as real images to the brain. Once affected, the individual receiving the electromagnetic image input, begins showing subtle symptoms of the Jewvid virus eating away at the subconscious, until finally taking over the victim’s conscious mind.

“At that point, the victim is totally under Jew control while being unaware of the fact. Now the Jewvid victim will no longer be able to pay attention to any other external information input. At that point, only Jewvid sources will suffice to alleviate the Jewvid victim’s irrational addiction to being told what is real, no matter what their other senses and outside sources tell them.     

 “Symptoms of Jewvid19 are the victim’s inability to think without external, controlling input. Eventually, the Jewvid victim, can only do as they’re told by a TV talking head. Other symptoms include logic seeming illogical, while illogic is deemed logical. The Jewvid victim can sympathetically hold two opposing, antithetical thoughts in the mind at the same time while justifying both as being perfectly rational. Other symptoms include unusual arrogance in thinking they are correct in all cases, along with an irrational hatred of anything white.

“More severe cases of the brain-eating virus cannot discriminate between black and white. Many suffering the more advanced symptoms of Jewvid19 have fallen to their knees to worship murderous Kneegrow criminals. History has shown the brain-eating virus as being almost always fatal to infected host cultures.”     

Source – Jewpedia

The tragedy of Jewvid19

“Here let me help you put on that mask. Then we can go to the government vaccination center. Everything will soon be back to normal, you’ll see.”