Jersey City Residents Tell Jews to Get the Fuck Out

Oh those poor innocent jews!  Americans are talking about expulsion!  It takes alot for the American people to wake the fuck up.  But it looks like it’s finally happening.

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Jersey Residents Tell Jews ‘Get The F#$k Out of Here’

A deadly attack in a Jersey City kosher supermarket has left the region entangled in what seems to be the chaos of antisemitism.
Police say the killings began on Tuesday when Jersey City detective Joseph Seals approached what he believed to be a stolen Uhaul van. Seals were shot and killed on the spot. The shooters next drove to the Jersey City kosher supermarket where they immediately opened fire, killing three. Following an ensuing gun battle, both shooters were also killed.
The initial position of local officials was that the killing was a “random act of violence.” However, the shooting was later determined to be an act of antisemitism.
Interactions following the antisemitic killings, however, are nearly as troubling as the murders themselves. Antisemitic positions against the Jewish community have taken hold in the area. Many people are publically advocating for the removal of Jews.
In one most egregious case, a woman can be heard telling rep of Americans Against Antisemitism shootings like these never happened “until they came.” She describes Jews by saying “they are all the problem.” She tells them to “take that shit somewhere else” then turns to the rep and ask him, “it was your kind that did it here, right?”
“If they was dead, they got shot dead, that’s great.” Someone else is heard saying.
“Get the damn jews the f#$k out of here.” Another is heard saying.


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