Do or Die – A Rant on the Jews – by Thomas Goodrich

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by Thomas Goodrich

I AM KNOWN to rant some on Jews. True, ’tis true. And yes, oft I’m chided by some well-meaning large-hearted imbecile with the simple: “Not all Jews are bad.” Again, true, too true. I have actually those Jews who I counted, and still count, as friends. But know ye now this: We Whites are the only bi-peds on earth which takes the racial exceptions in life, dresses them up, then makes them the racial rule. In other words we take the anomaly and make it the norm; in other words we judge all people on an individual basis, not on a racial basis. In theory, I like it; in fact, I hate it.

No other race on earth — or any other species of animal on earth, for that matter — takes the exception then makes it their rule. Example: Yes, there are many good Jews in this world, just as there are many good Blacks and browns. But because a few or even a large number in other races are good, does that, rather, should that, excuse the actions of the great majority?

Should we Whites simply travel under the assumption that because we have known some good Blacks in our life that this makes it perfectly okay to mosey through some Black ‘hood at midnight — or midday, for that matter — as if all those hanging out in the streets and staring at you like you are a box of free KFC are at heart just good colored folks like all those wonderful Blacks we have known in our past? Any White idiot who tries to navigate through a Black ‘hood at any time of day is very likely taking their first — and last — stroll into the world of inter-racial reality. The only silver lining to such a stupid scenario is that such a White tard who does the above will actually be doing the White race a great favor by removing their flawed genes from our genetic swimming pool.

Or, because we have known some righteous Jews in our life should we expect honest reasoning and fair play when talking with other Jews about whether the Jewish holocaust happened or not, about the dark invasion of Europe now in progress, about the crimes of Israel, about why Hitler was not just a good man, but a great man, or whatever? Yeah, right. Jews are the most racially cohesive and exclusive race on earth. Jewishness defines who they are, their sun, their moon, their all. Under normal circumstances I would have no problem with that since I believe in this shrinking modern world we all must be that way merely to maintain our unique identities. But, and as anyone reading this already knows, the Jew works night and day to strip that racial cohesiveness from us Whites so that his subjugation and enslavement of us — we, his greatest obstacle to world dominion — is that much easier. And they have done a very good job of it. And therein, as my man Shakespeare might say, “therein lies the rub.” And this is where I have a problem with the Jews.

Should I let my fond memories and friendship with a few Jews or a few Blacks or a few browns mollify my actions or short circuit my defense mechanisms when I encounter the majority of Jews or Blacks or browns?

No, of course not. That’s like some dumb tourist in the desert who encounters a rattlesnake, a rattlesnake who seems utterly indifferent about biting him; and then this same guy travels through that same desert imagining that this one viper represents all vipers. Again, such a person or such a race of persons who reacts like that is not long for this world. The White race is the only race that insists upon judging those of others races on an individual, rather than a racial, basis. And this is why the White race is on the verge of extinction: Other races, including those I admire, the Japanese and Chinese, they see other races and they have a predetermined set of beliefs and opinions about those people and they stick to them until the individual proves them otherwise.

More than any other factor, more even than the Jewish media and its propaganda beat down we have received this past century, I point to the Christian religion as sowing the seeds of our destruction. Yes, of course, Christianity is an alien, oriental religion invented by Jews who at the time were slaves of the Roman Empire and thus, Christianity is a slave’s philosophy for survival. And it worked back then. But that was then, and this is now. In general, the turn-the-other-cheek philosophy and the forgive-and-forget tenets of the bible and this lamb-like “love thy neighbor” and “here’s my neck . . . cut at will” acceptance of whatever our enemies do to us is perfectly designed to insure our ultimate destruction.

Yes, I do hit the Jews pretty hard at times — as I do my own race — but I find much to admire in the Jews. Call them what you will, but the fact is they are 24/7 warriors. As they are wont, and as all races should be wont, there is never a down moment for the Jew. They are always engaged in the war. They are always “on duty.” It is instinctual; it is second nature; it is genetic; it is Jewish. I’m sure when most Jews dream they dream not of sun washed pastures of life and beauty, but of the grim task of fighting us Whites; fighting us Whites either indirectly with porn, perversion and propaganda to rot us from within, or fighting us with actual wars and howling torture chambers, like those they operated after World War 2 and as they now operate in the Middle East. It’s a non-stop war they are engaged in with us and there are no periods of peace, no pauses, no truces, no forgiveness.

Jews seemingly come out of the chute fighting. While it takes us Whites 30 years or more to overcome the indoctrination of our stupid parents, our vapid schools, our murmuring churches, and of course, the pure poison from Jewish TV and Hollywood that drips into our blood stream each day of our lives, no such remedial is needed by the Jew. They begin life fighting us and trying to hurt us in every way possible and no years are lost to them while trying to cast off baggage as we, their White enemy, must do.

24/7/365, sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset . . . let me give an example. Even in simple conversation with Jews, complete strangers I have just met moments before, some way, some how, they can get into that five-minute conversation something about 1) how they have never ever bought a German-made car because of the evil Third Reich and the death camps, or 2) how racist Donald Trump is, or 3) how the US should just nuke Iran and Russia and be done with it.

Now, that was just one five-minute conversation with one young Jew I had recently. And this is no aberration. I have been on holiday cruises at sea and spoken with Jews who imagine that I am your typical goy from Silo City, Iowa, and they speak just as the stranger above. In fact, it seems they must get all that anti-White propaganda and hate out in one big whoosh or their duty that day is not fulfilled.

Two more examples: I was at Disney World with my little boy once and I was doing what many bored parents do while their kids play, viz., I was watching people. I noticed in one particular pavilion there were a row of video contraptions where one could push a button and your favorite rock group would perform especially for you. So, up comes this identifiably older Jewish couple and after passing by all the videos with White groups the woman finally screeches to a stop at the only Black musicians of the entire line; and yep, sure enough, that’s the one she planted herself at. She was over-the-top demonstrative in her glee. I’m sure some Whites saw this and just assumed here was yet another spiritually sick White person.

A little later, still at Disney, the kid and I were at a group sing-along in one pavilion where the performers were belting out American songs through history. When they got to “Dixie”, the crowd joined in, but a nasally Jewish woman right behind me groaned out loud and refused to clap along. When the next song up was — naturally, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” — this individual let out a loud “thank God” and sang and clapped louder than any three people there.

And that’s what I mean by 24/7 warriors. To Jews, its a non-stop guerrilla war they are waging against us Whites, their hosts; a guerrilla war in which to your typically dense, sports-watching Walmart-shopping naive White sucker, the Jews’ camouflage, i.e., skin color, is almost perfect. That’s one very good reason why it is so extremely important to study Jews long and hard so you recognize not just their hateful words and actions, but their faces and scowls at a glance.

Ever see a White person doing despicable, demeaning stuff in ads and commercials on TV shows or in movies or wherever? Of course you have. Chances are very good that if it is truly revolting and/or hate-filled anti-White poison they are spewing, then these “Whites” are in fact Jews.

Jews are not Whites. Though their skin color approximates ours — even some blondish or red headed Jews — this is just the camo acquired over the centuries of living among us. They are no more White or Caucasian than a Tutsi from Africa or a Mongolian from Asia. “White” is more than a color; it is a state of mind . . . and a state of heart. But that is another story.

Quick Conclusion: We Whites must either purge the poison within us from a lifetime of Jewish indoctrination from Christianity, Hollywood, television, schools, and parents. We either do, or we don’t. And if we don’t do, we die.


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