ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt Admits Holocaust™ Could Be A ‘Hoax’

The Truth will not be contained.  It is oozing out everywhere.

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(Twitter) In a recent Twitter posting, Jonathan Greenblatt — the CEO of the Jewish supremacist organization — the Anti-Defamation League — conceded that the so-called Holocaust™ may, in fact, be a “hoax.”

Responding to Palestinian President — Mahmoud Abbas’s contention that the “Nazis” and Zionists engaged in a conspiracy against the Palestinians, Greenblatt wrote,

“Holocaust distortions — whether outright denial or inversions such as Abbas’s — are not just bad history, they are antisemitic conspiracy theories unto themselves. The Holocaust, whether real or a hoax, is seen by distortionists as part of a nefarious Jewish plot.”

If the Holocaust™ is a “hoax” — and it most certainly is — then it must be — in Greenblatt’s own words — “a nefarious Jewish plot.”

Judging from the hundreds of savage comments left in response to Greenblatt’s pompous grandstanding, the vast majority of people are no longer going along with the Official Jewish Version of World War II™ like docile little sheep — it’s an insult to their intelligence.

Greenblatt can pretend all he wants that people have No Reason Whatsoever™ to doubt the “historical truth” of the Holocaust™ — but he knows why many highly respected historians — and many Jews themselves — question so many aspects of this improbable Jewish version of events.

And by making it a criminal offense to even challenge any absurd aspect or testimony supporting the official Holocaust narrative, Jews have only encouraged senile Jewish survivors to lie even more — and that’s according to Jewish professor and scholar Norman Finkelstein.

Jewish supremacists like Greenblatt have over-played their hand by invoking the Holocaust every time a Jew somewhere in the world is criticized or gets caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

So much so that “Holocaust Fatigue” has become commonplace — even among Jews — a recent survey in Germany found that 40% of ‘denazified’ Germans wish the Jews would just shut up about the Holocaust already.

Another survey found that over 9 million Italians don’t believe that the Holocaust ever happened — so much so that a prominent Holocaust survivor in Italy now requires full-time police protection when she goes out in public.

And yet another survey found that over 100 million Europeans believe that a “secret Jewish cabal” controls the world.

Despite spending literally billions of dollars promoting Holocaust™ propaganda, a recent survey found the vast majority of millennials don’t even know what the Holocaust was — and many believe it to be a hoax — thanks to the fact that Jews cannot control thousands of sites on the internet exposing this lie.

A prominent Jewish professor at Harvard conceded that all these efforts to promote Holocaust education in schools has not had the desired effect in reducing “antisemitism.”

Clearly the cat is out of the bag and it’s time to let the Holocaust die a quiet death on the vine — this Jewish psy-op is especially psychologically damaging to Jewish children who are brainwashed into believing that the “gentiles” might throw them in Gas Chambers at any moment.

This abuse of Jewish children must stop — as if the trauma of having drunk rabbis suck blood off their penises during their bizarre circumcision rituals isn’t abusive enough.

That the Anti-Defamation League promotes this Big Lie — raking in millions every year doing so — shouldn’t surprise anyone, considering the ADL was founded to defend another Big Lie — that the Jewish rapist, pedophile, and murderer — Leo Frank — was completely innocent.

Anyone who is foolish enough to believe the ADL’s lies that Leo Frank was innocent should read the well-researched article “100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty” — the ongoing Jewish defense of Leo Frank is just as corrupt, absurd, and implausible as the Holocaust™ itself.

[A French version of this article on Leo Frank can be found on the excellent revisionist site, Front National Suisse.]

But then again, the Jews have a long history of defending Jews who abduct and ritually murder “gentile” children.

The blueprint for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is the Jewish supremacist group, Alliance Israélite Universelle which was founded in 1860 by Adolphe Crémieux, a Grand Master Freemason — and according to Paquita de Shishmareff in her exposé Waters Flowing Eastward, the Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion were originally leaked from the Mizraim Lodge in Paris — making Crémieux’s hand in them highly likely.

It’s surely no coincidence that Adolphe Crémieux first gained fame in France as an attorney during The Damascus Affair when he successfully defended Jews who had been caught red-handed committing ritual blood murder.

Jonathan Greenblatt — along with all Jews who wish to break free from this Jewish stranglehold of their damaged psyches — would do well to deeply ponder the words of Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman who also conceded that the Holocaust was indeed a cynical and “nefarious Jewish plot” when he said,

When confronted with his obvious tall tales of the Holocaust, “survivor” Herman Rosenblat doubled-down and sputtered:

“It was not true, but in my mind, it was all true.