41 Virginia Counties Declare Themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries – One County Passes Militia Resolution to Prepare

Friends – to me, this is very exciting. Just look at these packed county meetings!!! This is the true spirit of America and of people telling the filthy parasites to fuck off and that they are ready to use their guns if necessary to protect themselves and their property. Hopefully, the extreme push we are seeing by the jews to destroy the U.S. Constitution and the rights of the American people to bear arms and to speak freely is going to backfire on them big time. I feel another expulsion coming very soon. This is an exciting time to be alive.

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Virginia Now Has 41 Second Amendment Sanctuaries! – Sanctuary Tsunami Continues VIDEO

Virginia county passes militia resolution to prepare for potential gun control wave



Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Virginia now has 41 sanctuaries! Tuesday, we got 11!

  • Alleghany County

  • Amherst County

  • Culpeper County

  • City of Norton

  • Gloucester County

  • Goochland County

  • King George County

  • Middlesex County

  • Orange County

  • Page County

  • Roanoke County

Four did not vote tonight, but had hearings:

  • Danville

  • Fairfax County

  • Virginia Beach

  • York County


Alleghany County – unanimous vote with over 500 in attendance. Meeting moved to middle school because of crowd size.

Alleghany County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary MeetingAlleghany County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary Meeting

Amherst County – vote was unanimous. Media coverage:


Culpeper County – vote was unanimous. Media coverage:


City of Norton – vote was unanimous. Media coverage:


Gloucester County – vote was unanimous. Huge turnout. Media coverage:


Goochland County – vote was unanimous. Overflow crowd. Media coverage:

Goochland County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary MeetingGoochland County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary Meeting

King George County – vote was unanimous. Standing room only, with more than 100 people outside.

King George County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary MeetingKing George County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary Meeting

Middlesex County – passed with 3 ayes, no names, and one abstention. The large turnout required a move to a middle school!

Orange County – things started to drift off course over the language of the resolution, but VCDL Founder, Paul Moog, provided the Board with language that worked and it was adopted! Estimated to have over 750 people in attendance. Media coverage:


Page County – vote was unanimous. Overflow crowd with 150 or so outside.

Roanoke County – unanimous vote. YES! Media coverage:


Danville – heard from gun owners, but no action yet.


Fairfax County – crowed filled a huge auditorium and overflowed. No actions were yet taken by the Board of Supervisors.

Fairfax County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary MeetingFairfax County Virginia 2019 Second Amendment Sanctuary Meeting: the crowed filled a huge auditorium and overflowed. No actions were yet taken by the Board of Supervisors. They need to hear more from gun owners.

Report from VCDL member Zeke Y.

I was at the Board of Supervisors meeting in Fairfax tonight handing out stickers.

The scheduled start time for the public comments session was 16:30. Instead, we started two and a half hours late at 19:00. Turnout was great. According to the fire code sign, the room’s max capacity was 440 people and the guards told me we met that fairly early on, I’d guess around 17:15. We had people standing in the lobby to watch on a TV until the auditorium emptied out a little (due to running extremely late and the session before us finally ending)

I talked with two different people about the crowd size. One has worked security in the building since July, and the other has been in the building working at these meetings for 15 years. Both told me this was the biggest turnout to a BoS meeting they’d ever seen.

After the session before us finished, I’d guess there were maybe 380-410 people in the audience, and at least 3/4 of them were pro-gun, judging by the GSL stickers in the room. I estimate I went through 500 or so stickers, and I saw several other people handing out stickers as well.

The board itself was unresponsive and declined to introduce a 2A Sanctuary resolution. The crowd was told to be quieter in our applause for pro-gun speakers several times.

Several of the speeches were good, but I was most impressed with the two pro-gun ladies who spoke. One works in healthcare and got a CHP after a police detective advised her to because they didn’t have resources to deal with a mentally ill patient threatening her. The other is a four-time Virginia state champion in a shooting sport, is in JROTC, and a sophomore in high school.

Virginia Beach – City Council will now consider introducing a sanctuary bill in the near future. A massive turnout, estimated at between 1,000 and 1,500 individuals. Filled up the meeting room, down the hall, out the doors and flooded the area at the front of the building. After I addressed City Council, EM Brendan Moonie, Board member Gary Moeller, and I addressed the crowd outside.

York County – Board of Supervisors will vote on a resolution at their next meeting. Big turnout needed for that vote.



As a result of a number of proposed anti-gun bills in Virginia, many of its cities and counties have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. However, one county went above and beyond by passing a Militia Resolution.

(Article by Jose Nino republished from BigLeaguePolitics.com)

This resolution codifies the establishment and maintenance of a de facto militia in Tazewell county.

Firearms News reached out to the Tazewell councilman Thomas Lester, who is also a professor of American History and Political Science.

Lester argued, “Declaring our county a Second Amendment Sanctuary is a great first step, however, Virginia is unique because of its constitution. Under Article 1 section 13 of the VA Constitution, VA must maintain a well-regulated militia composed of its people to validate its authority.”

He noted that “This is the political subdivision of legislature from which VA politicians derive authority – an authority expressly stated in the VA constitution.”

Lester added the following points about Virginia’s constitution:

This is because the purpose of the militia is not just to protect the county from domestic danger, but also protect the county from any sort of tyrannical actions from the Federal government. Our constitution is designed to allow them to use an armed militia as needed. If the (Federal) government takes those arms away, it prevents the county from fulfilling their constitutional duties. But, this is not limited to just our county, but also as part of a network of sister counties showing solidarity for both Virginia’s, and the American Constitution.

When asked about how the county would prepare residents to be militiamen, Lester explained:

As for the people, our Militia Resolution will be funding firearms safety and training for our county’s citizens, the ROTC and the public school systems – as well as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. These preparations are done to prepare our citizens to be able to become de facto militiamen if need be.

Virginia has middle-of-the-road gun laws compared to other states. However, Democrat’s recent successes at the state level may put the state’s gun policies in jeopardy.

More counties and municipal units will likely follow suit by passing their own resolutions due to the fact that Democrats have full control of the state legislature.