12 Israeli teens accused of gang raping 19-year-old British woman

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Twelve Israelis accused of raping British woman, 19, and leaving her covered in scratches during Ayia Napa holiday ahead of their national service say they were beaten up by other Brits after news spread



The men are accused of pinning the 19-year-old down and gang-raping her while filming on their phones and laughing

Three of those under arrest have admitted to having sex with the woman, according to Israel’s Channel 12, but all of them say it was done ‘with consent and love’.

The woman told police that she went back to the room of one Israeli who she met three days beforehand and had previously slept with, when the others burst into the room

The police hit us, they broke our noses, and the girl is lying‘, their lawyers told the Jerusalem Post.

Help us, get us out of here, you’ll see we’re right and that we’re innocent.’



According to another source:

The Israelis were holidaying before they started their compulsory military service, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Indeed, it seems that gang raping a woman is excellent preparation when one plans to work for the Israeli military.