The West Coast is on Fire – Arson Arrests and Fire Breathing Drones Caught on Camera

Dear Friends – the west coast is on fire and the dark ones are blaming it on “climate change”.  However, these fires have ZERO to do with carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, but are instead being triggered by arson and flame throwing drones.  Of course, decades of chemtrails and radiation being poured into our atmosphere has contributed greatly to turning otherwise healthy trees into flammable, dying tinder.  The jewish creatures responsible for all of this must be made to leave the Earth permanently.  We CANNOT co-exist with them.  They will never stop trying to destroy us and the Earth.  They absolutely have to go.


Just look at this list of arson arrests and suspects…


Bonney Lake : Jeffrey Alan Acord arson suspect (see Puyallup )

East Spokane: Christine Comello arson ( )

Graham: no suspect in arson ( )

Lakewood: grass fire arsonist (

Puyallup: Jeffrey Alan Acord arsonist ( — )

Wapato: arson of urban trees and parks ( )




Ashland: arson, one death ( )

Dexter: unidentified arsonist at state park ( )

Interstate-5, Oregon : a dozen arson fires set along highway within throwing distance of road; fires are at almost even interval  ( )

Mapletown, Lane Cunty: Elias Newton Pendergrass faces an arson in the first-degree. ( )

Mollalla: (metro Portland ) arsonists seen ( )

Oregon City: arsonist on camera starts fire at pallet plant (

 Red Bluff: Wesley Marcello Reed charged with arson ( )

Sonora: Jesse Peterson.. felony arson ( )

Sweet Creek: Man Charged with Arson (Man faces arson charge in connection with Sweet Creek Fires)

And check out the fire-breathing drone caught in the act…

And here’s proof positive that these drones definitely exist!

And here’s an excellent video outlining the orchestrated arson attacks along the west coast.