The Truth about Ken O’Keefe and his Luciferian Girlfriend “Sophia”

This blog was originally written and posted on July 14, 2017.  Sadly, joogle deleted my entire blogspot blog in February of 2018 and so I have created a brand new blog.  However, this article is too important not to re-post and several people have asked me for it.  So here goes.  Everyone has a right to know The Truth about Ken O’Keefe.  He is a fraud, a thief, a vampire, and a demon-possessed abuser.  He needs to be exposed.


Update as of 7-16-17: In the last 48 hours, several people have contacted me to share with me their personal stories of interactions with Ken O’Keefe. Several have had a very similar experience to the one I have had, especially with Ken being a loud-mouthed abuser and screwing people willfully out of money.

Throughout this blog, I have tried to give Ken the benefit of the doubt, imagining that perhaps he was acting like a vampire because he, himself, had been vampired. I will not make excuses for him anymore. I am certain at this time that his legacy of outstanding selfishness and self-absorption, combined with a trail of broken financial agreements, is long-standing and has affected many good-intentioned people that tried to support him. He needs to be called out. People need to know this man is not what he seems.

This following image is a screenshot from

Max Igan’s website.

And this is a screenshot from a website that the World Citizen webmaster created after Ken’s entire team walked out on him.

This information was posted many months ago and I owe Max and many others an apology. They tried to warn me as early as April 2016 that Ken was not what he appears to be. I did not want to listen. I wanted to maintain my illusion that Ken is a hero – someone who will help bring goodness back into our world.

I was wrong.

The fact Ken that has left a trail of destruction in his wake, along with many good people who have been vampired and screwed over by him, should give us pause. He expresses little to no regard for the mother of his children and rarely ever mentions his children or pays them any mind. Combine these truths with the fact that he has never articulated to any clear degree what exactly the World Citizen project is and that nobody I have ever spoken to understands it, and you begin to clearly see that something is amiss. When someone puts forth an idea that is completely ungrounded, totally vague and without any real substance, it is likely that people are being conned.

It is time we asked ourselves why he has produced absolutely NOTHING from the $114,000 he raised for the World Citizen project, short of a legal opinion that allegedly cost him $2500 or $4000, depending on who you ask. This legal opinion is interesting but it does not provide the good people of the world with any means whatsoever to break free from the parasitical forces that have sought to control us. So what, exactly is he doing?

Nobody seems to know.

I am certain at this point that the man is a fake. He speaks a good game and has the Luciferian gift of gab. But it’s all smoke and no substance. None of his ideas have any ground. He produces nothing other than videos where he can shoot off his mouth, rile people up, incite a military coup, and of course, listen to his own voice. This is what he enjoys most, next to spending time with his Luciferian girlfriend and producing more demonic entities that will inhabit our realm as a result of their sordid union.




Dear friends – I am writing this blog to alert my people to what I think is very important information about Ken O’Keefe and his girlfriend, Sophia.

Throughout this blog entry, I will endeavor to share facts that I believe confirm that Sophia is a Luciferian honey trap sent to destroy Ken and the World Citizen Project. Sophia attached herself to Ken sometime around February 2016, just shortly after he had raised more than $100,000 for the World Citizen Project and was dangerously close to giving birth to his creation. Sophia’s presence in his life canceled out all opportunities for him to move forward and instead has led to a series of very dark experiences including extreme betrayal by those close to him, attempted assassination, and more.

You can get a sense of who Sophia is by watching this short video:

Ken O’Keefe exposed

Significantly, approximately 8-10 weeks before Sophia presented herself at the Anarchapulco conference where she knew Ken would be speaking and where they met for the first time, she posted the following image on her facebook page, which you can check out here.



Not coincidentally, Ken speaks often about his love for dancing. And although some people might imagine that the above image means nothing and Sophia is simply an innocent 25-year-old that “fell in love” with the nearly 50-year-old, extremely hardened, Ken O’Keefe, the information I am about to share should leave little doubt that this young woman is not innocent, that she knows exactly what she is doing, that she is well trained, and that her intentions are either to lure him to his death (perhaps by poisoning him slowly so as not to be detectable), or weaken him to such a degree that he cannot move forward.

Here is another one of the fine images she posted on her facebook page. Note her comment below the image which reveals her vampire tendencies and her penchant for sadism/masochism. The word “dugong” is also significant because, as I will explain in more detail later, it indicates her fondness for luring sailors to their death.


From what I can discern, Sophia lures men in through the “art” of Luciferian seduction. She has sought to distract Ken with outstanding amounts of “passion” and drama while simultaneously isolating him from family and friends. This includes trying to keep him from seeing his own children and trying to prevent him from accessing the healing he desperately needs. Her approach to siphoning off his life force bears the mark of a classic psychopath and the techniques she is using to weaken and destroy him are textbook Luciferian techniques.

It also appears that Sophia has a penchant for targeting men involved in the truth movement and that she has contributed to the breakdown of families and derailed at least two other men before Ken.

So just to be clear, I want to share that I have already talked privately with Ken about much of the information I am about to share on this blog. Ken has steadfastly refused to act on the many blatant warnings that Sophia has openly provided and, rather than try to protect himself from her wickedness, he has sought instead to protect her. He has requested several times that I not speak about Sophia publicly and he has even tried to extort written agreements from me to this end, refusing to give me a small amount of money that was promised because I would not acquiesce to his demands.

Sadly, the meager amount of money that Ken repeatedly said he would give me in exchange for weeks of one-on-one support, numerous healing sessions, supplemental remedies, copious amounts of organic food, transportation, live-in maid service [not literally, but you get the picture], the organization of his speaking engagement at Freedompalooza, etc., was never delivered. This is because he is an unbelievably stingy tightwad (either by nature or through wounding), and also because I refused to agree in writing not to share information about Sophia. In any event, his integrity with me is at issue as I have clearly seen that he does not always keep his agreements and is not a man of his word.

Having said all that, let me also state that when I initially wrote this blog, I did not believe that Ken had stolen any money from the World Citizen crowdfunding campaign. As I mentioned, Ken is very rigid and controlled with money which made it difficult for me to imagine that he could recklessly spend money that others had given. However, I have come across several stories and web pages indicating that he has organized several fundraisers before, raising several hundred thousand dollars over the course of a few years, and nothing was as ever brought forth with the money. This includes a $300,000 fundraiser for “Food for Palestine,” none of which ever got to the Palestinian people.

Additionally, it has become clear that Ken has repeatedly broken financial agreements with people who have worked for him, including those who were brought on board to help with the World Citizen Project. Ken withheld money owed time and again and when he did make payment, it was often less than what was agreed upon. Meanwhile, as Ken was nickel and dime-ing everyone who bent over backwards to help him, he was sitting on some major financial assets. Something is definitely wrong here.



I allowed Ken into my personal life quite recently (in early June) after receiving what I thought was a heartfelt request for support. Since it is my nature to want to help people, especially those who are part of the truth movement and doing good work, I was happy to extend myself to Ken in whatever way I could and delighted to introduce him to the Freedompalooza community and have him be there to share his information and ideas. However, I depleted myself physically, emotionally and financially in my efforts to help him, and was badly disappointed when he treated me poorly, broke our agreements, and expressed little to no gratitude for the things I shared. His feigned gratitude came only in the form of empty words, but certainly not deeds.

In truth, I have experienced him as incredibly withholding of kindness and generosity while simultaneously being capable of taking and taking and taking and giving nothing in return. He appears to either be suffering from narcissistic personality disorder or is a full-on sociopath. He has a sense of entitlement as large as Mount Everest and his expectation that the world owes him something because of who he is indicates a grandiose ego that really needs to be reigned in. His behavior in relation to me was so bad that I am inclined to call him a vampire — although in his defense, he is probably completely depleted himself having spent 15 months in the company of his vampire girlfriend. While he was with me, he dominated every “conversation” we had, talking non-stop for hours about himself, his needs, his plans, his beliefs, etc. If I tried to interject with a comment that indicated even a small amount of disagreement, I was promptly bullied with his booming voice, which he used repeatedly to take back control of the “conversation.” The only feelings I ever saw him express were anger and/or emotional shut down. Beyond that, he acted like stone, rarely expressing concern for the well-being of anyone other than himself and/or his precious Sophia. Sadly, I never even heard him express concern for his own children.

As regards his girlfriend, I feel compelled to release this information quickly because there are kind and generous people in the truth community that have invited Ken into their homes along with Sophia. These people need to be warned that Ken is not what he seems, is a major energy sucker, and that both he and his girlfriend may actually be quite dangerous.

So let’s take a closer look at Ken’s girlfriend, starting with her interesting choice of the name “Sophia” which I believe she uses for a very specific reason — i.e., to give us a clue as to who she really is and who she serves.

A small amount of research into the topic of the cabalistic/biblical/gnostic goddess named “Sophia” reveals that she is a fallen goddess strongly connected to Lucifer/Satan (i.e., the Creator’s adversary). She is an integral part of the Luciferian rebellion against The Creator and John Nash (who is a Luciferian himself and longs for the day when Lucifer will reign supreme on Earth), has even made the claim that Sophia IS Lucifer.

From John Lash’s website:


And from


Below is more pertinent information about Sophia from the GnosticWarrior website.



Now, going a little deeper, let’s take a closer look at Sophia’s facebook page where she displays her “art” and where we learn that her page and music are called “Dugong” and her record label is with “Occultists.”


The word “occultist” does not need any decoding. It is clear from all the symbolism in her “art” that she is heavily into the dark occult, as this person so eloquently pointed out.



On Sophia’s facebook page we find lovely and inviting song titles such as Dugong – To Burn Alive, Funeral Song, Beast She Roams, The Evil Magician, Dead Man Rising, Weak and Powerless, Vanishing, and much more. With each of these titles, she is casting a spell.


Next we find Sophia presenting herself with the demon-god Baphomet:



And here she is turning the cross upside down, grounding Baphoment (the devil) into the Earth:



Below are images of Sophia in various stylish satanic poses:







Sophia’s obsession with blood, knives, and cutting is also apparent in the lyrics to her music.


*Something wicked this way comes
How could I fail
How could I miss to see the signs
Again I was blind
How can a lesson be learned
In this intoxicating, tantalizing game
Something wicked this way comes
I thought it was true what you gave
No just-Javelin thunder-
weapons you launch from depths
of your brooding cave flesh hunter
I thought it was love that you gave
No just predatory hungry rage
Oh no- I hate to say
your not the first To lure me
in this intoxicating tantalizing game
and as I awake and regain
the hall of mirrors they break
suddenly alone with
two hungry snakes
latched on on my wrists
Where you cannot resist
To salvage your food
The last drop of my blood
Your favorite drug
Vampire Flesh hunter
Your favorite drug
To salvage your food
The sweet taste of my blood
Your favorite drug
Something wicked this way comes
Flesh hunter, you have been discovered
You have been discovered
And you have not uncovered
That I too carry
Daggers, blades, grenade launchers
Flesh hunter you’ve been discovered

you have lost your prey
To Daggers, blades, grenade launchers


This particular “song” made me wonder if she might have successfully turned Ken into a vampire and if this might explain his “attachment” to her and the outstanding capacity he has to drain the energy of other people.

Going deeper still, let’s take a look at Sophia’s use of the word “dugong” to represent her music and facebook page.

For those who may not know, dugongs are actually sea animals that look similar to manatees.



They are typically gentle, peaceful and kind, however, legends say they were often mistaken for “sirens of the sea” by female-starved sailors on their ships for too long.



“Sirens of the sea” were believed to be irresistible to most men because of their bewitching songs.



Legends say that these sirens of the sea were actually female demons that lured sailors to their death by shipwrecking them near their island where they soon starved to death.


Other legends say the sirens lulled the sailors to sleep on their ships and then climbed on board and murdered them.


Now, those who know anything about Ken know that he is an ex-marine — i.e., a sailor. Ken speaks fondly and often of Sophia’s voice and the magic of her songs, indicating that he has indeed been bewitched by her call. Moreover, in the short time that they were together, Ken nearly starved himself to death, losing at least 30-40 pounds. Do we suppose this is all just coincidence?

Not surprisingly, Sophia herself is familiar with the mythology of sirens as she mentions this directly on her “Dugong” page.



Incidentally, Ken is an aspiring drummer.

Now let’s take a look at Sophia’s personal facebook page, where she goes by the name of “Sophia Temüjin Büchi.” Below is the cover photo on her facebook page.



This photo bears some interesting symbolism, especially once we have uncovered the fact that the middle name Sophia is using, Temüjin, is actually the birth name of the Mongolian savage, Genghis Khan. Since “Sophia” actually looks to be of Mongolian heritage herself, perhaps through choosing to use this name as the centerpiece of her public identity, she is revealing the extremely dark nature of her ancestral bloodline.

Interestingly, organized Jewry has made a concerted effort to cover up the Truth about the psychopathic mass murderer, Genghis Kahn. The Jews have not only busied themselves attempting to revise history, but have also put energy into honoring this beast in 8-month-long exhibits, probably because he did more to advance their cause of white genocide than any who have come before or since. His methods of torture, rape, and destruction were very similar to those used by the Jewish Bolsheviks that successfully starved, tortured, raped, slaughtered, stole land from and genocided some 66+ million predominantly white Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution.

To give my readers an idea of just how grotesque and evil Genghis Kahn was, here’s an excerpt from


To be clear, after researching the facts about this creature called Genghis Kahn, I am absolutely certain he was a Jew. The evidence upon which I make this assertion is as follows: (1) the Jews would not be honoring him the way they do unless he was a Jew; (2) only Jews seem to be capable of the type of grotesque and brutal acts carried out by Genghis Kahn; (3) like all good Jews, Genghis Kahn wanted to take over the whole Earth; and (4) the Jews try to cover up the facts about their history in Mongolia with professional double-speak such as that which can be found in this article.


So we are left with the curious questions as to why our dear friend Sophia would want to associate herself with the demonic beast named Genghis Kahn or why she feels compelled to make music for witches, werewolves, and vampires. I’ll leave it to my readers to figure these things out.



And one last thing…

When I tried to uncover whether there was any deeper meaning to the last name Sophia is using — i.e., “Büchi” — I found this company whose trademark is labeled “Infinite-Control.”


In a typical Luciferian reversal, they put the words “infinite control” next to a picture of a mild mannered, helpless looking man, so as to make it seem that the company is completely innocent and non-threatening. However, a closer look into what they are doing reveals that the company serves the Jewish controlled pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as the Jewish controlled poison food industry and Jewish controlled academia.

I’m sure this is all just a “coincidence” and Sophia has no idea how much evil she has immersed herself in. Surely Sophia is innocent!


Here’s a lovely image of Sophia



And here’s an image of the entity/ies that control(s) her