Supreme Court Jewstice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Finally Dies

Please forgive my lack of empathy toward this completely demonic creature who served for several decades as part of the jewdicial system in the “supreme” court of the United States.  This wicked wench has done more to advance the cause of satanism and luciferianism worldwide than much of the rest of her tribe.  She was a staunch proponent of murdering infants in the womb, including partial-birth abortion, as well as homosexual “marriage”, the LGQBT agenda, immigration, and more.  Thank goodness she/it is gone from the Earth.  May the portal be shut tight behind her/it so that she/it may never re-enter this dimension again.


Good riddance.


Here’s an hilarious assessment from Mike King:

Boy-oh-boy — do we have a rough crowd of subscribers here at the Anti-New York Times or what?! Within minutes of Saturday’s announcement of (not to be confused with the actual unknown date of) of the death of St. Ruth Bader Ginsburg(cough cough – phlegm phlegm), our inbox was peppered with joy-filled messages and “I-can’t-wait-for-Mike’s-eulogy” requests.

Well, sorry to disappoint “youse guys” – but the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has a bit more dignity than to trash someone — let alone a Justice of the Supreme Court — so soon after a death announcement. As tempted as we may be to gloat over this nasty, rancid, unqualified, gruesome, dishonest, senile, black-hearted, Marxist yenta departing the country she so despised for Satan’s Gates of Hell — we refuse to spew such derogatory adjectives at this time.

We could point out that the demonic dwarf was a Talmudic ACLU traitor; a legal terrorist; a tyrant in a black robe; an enthusiastic post-birth-abortion baby killer; an admitted hater of the U.S. Constitution she was sworn to uphold; a promoter of state-protected cross-dressing in the workplace and schools; an enemy of the traditional family; a protector of pedo-monsters, an obstacle to law enforcement; a hater of God and religious virtue; a gun-grabber and the ultimate embodiment of the subversive “Frankfurt School” of cultural destruction — But that just wouldn’t be fitting at this moment.

No – we’ll leave such harsh judgement to others less honorable as we focus on the explosive political ramifications of this well-timed announcement.


We could post unflattering images of St. Ruth — like those above — but we’re better than that.