Stimulus Package – $500,000,000 for Israel, $600 for American citizens

In case the American people have not yet figured out they are getting fucked up the ass by their “representatives”, now is the time for them to wake up.  The jews have been robbing this country blind for at least the past century through their parasitical private bank — the not-so-Federal Reserve — and their criminal tax system and their heist of private property through their banking mortgage racket where they create money out of thin air and “loan” it to people who want to buy a house, demanding interest on the repayment of the “loan”.

These parasitical scoundrels MUST be made to leave not only the United States, but the Earth.  There is no place for this type of energy in our future.  It has to go and it has to go permanently.  We cannot co-exist with these creatures.







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By PFW News

Billions of dollars will be given away to foreign countries as part of the coronavirus-stimulus bill expected to be voted on Monday, begging the question: is it even a “stimulus” bill at all?

After the full 5593 page bill was released for the public’s viewing, many curious citizens and journalists decided to take the dive and see what Congress jammed into this biblical in size piece of legislation.

What is being discovered is … it’s full of spending that has nothing to do with the well being of the American people (as usual).

We’ll start off by pointing out this tweet before moving on …

… Yes folks, really.

So while Americans are stiffed with a lousy $600 check that can barely cover half a month’s rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in the burbs, $500,000,000 will be set aside for Israel.


$700 million of the “stimulus” package will be allocated to “assistance for Sudan.”


$453,000,000 will be heading to Ukraine ….


Also, $135 million to Burma, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act,” and $130 million to Nepal.


That is a total of $3.4 billion dollars heading to foreign government initiatives and this is only the tip (of the tip) of the iceberg.


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Globalist Giveaway: COVID Stimulus Package Sends Billions To Gates Foundation, Numerous Foreign Countries


by Jamie White

December 21st 2020, 4:50 pm

Bill Gates’ GAVI Alliance vaccine group alone set to get billions of taxpayers’ stimulus

Tons of aid for Israel, Communist Venezuela, Ukraine, Egyptian military, Sudan, Nepal, Cambodia, etc.

The long-awaited emergency COVID-19 stimulus package finally agreed to by Republican and Democrat leaders will give billions of dollars of handouts to globalist entities and foreign countries.

Though the $900 billion economic relief bill provides billions to schools and rental assistance programs, as well as a one-time direct payment of $600 to Americans, billions more are loaded pork, allocated to globalist organizations and foreign countries that have no role in defending America’s national security.

For example, $4 BILLION is slated for the GAVI alliance (a global vaccine alliance), co-founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Another $1.4 billion is going to something called the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”, as well as hundreds of millions to Israel, Ukraine, Sudan, Nepal, Burma, and Cambodia.

Even the communist government of Venezuela is getting a $33 million piece of the stimulus pie.

$1.3 billion is also going to Egypt’s military as part of a “Foreign military financing program.”

Anybody who owns a racehorse – we’re guessing that’s not you – will also receive a tax break.

Who can forget $10 million for those essential “gender programs” in Pakistan?

Billions more are going toward U.S. military enterprises like Space Force and the Navy — because they definitely need economic relief from the China Virus.

But that’s okay, Americans are totally happy with their $600 pittance after months of arbitrary government lockdowns decimated their businesses.

The stimulus bill is available here: