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Several people contacted the “Wochenblick” editorial team: Even during the corona test, inexplicable side effects would have occurred. Some of them are quite difficult from a subjective point of view. We asked in our online edition – then our mailbox went over.

These descriptions are unsettling. Actually, that shouldn’t be possible at all. When a saliva sample is taken with certified, sterile cotton swabs, it may feel uncomfortable for a short time through the nasal cavity. But after a few seconds the spook should be over.


Multiple nosebleeds

However, numerous “Wochenblick” readers reported to us about experiences and consequences that make us think – especially when the tests are not quite as voluntary as claimed. Originally a Linz native told us that after a test that was more or less officially ordered, he developed an inflammation that stretched into the eye and into the sinuses.

A lady agreed with this description in the first letter: “Constantly runny nose in the tested nostril. Uncomfortable, painful examination. Uncomfortable feeling and pressure even after days. My partner, who was tested on the same day, has the same complaint – he even had nosebleeds several times. “


Angina-like symptoms in the throat

Another reader who suffers from an autoimmune thyroid disease was very angry. The test would have made old complaints that were believed to have almost been overcome again acute. Several people complained of an unpleasant, almost leaden taste during and after the test.

This would also have caused a kind of numbness that they cannot explain because no special pressure would have been applied when taking the sample. Several readers had scratching like an angina, followed by difficulty swallowing and general malaise. The description of a doctor from Germany is very interesting. He complained of a sore throat with a noticeable reddening in the area of ​​the sampling.


Samples for gene databases?

He emphasizes that, through years of experience, he can judge very well how the process should normally run. In his case, the removal was more “scraping” as if one wanted to “gain as many mucosal epithelial cells as possible”. On the occasion, he pointed out that the company that carried out the test on him was otherwise active in the field of genetics and also created DNA databases.


The letters to the editor in full

All parts of the letters that could be used to identify the people have of course been removed.

A lady wrote to us:

“Since the nose test at the beginning of October, constantly runny nose and canker sores in the tested right nostril. Very uncomfortable, slightly painful examination. Uncomfortable feeling and pressure even after days. My partner has the same complaint, it was carried out on the same day, and nosebleeds several times afterwards. The idea of ​​performing this procedure on children is unimaginable. “

A lady wrote to us:

“We have had to undergo a weekly compulsory Covid test since May. Since then I have had a lead taste in my mouth, severe headaches every day, and my eyesight for reading has deteriorated over the past few months. We are also not asked, it is our duty to be tested. “

A gentleman wrote to us:

“I have Hashimoto, an autoimmune thyroid disease. This also causes pain, palpitations, sleep problems and much more. I almost completely got rid of all the symptoms of this autoimmune disease after about 5 years, so the symptoms have been far fewer since about the beginning of this year. Since I went to a 6-week REHA at the beginning of August 2020, I had to do such a test there on the first day. After that I had the complete complaints again and I almost never get them away. “

A lady wrote to us:

“We had to have a corona test in the airport in September after a holiday abroad in the“ risk area ”.
Samples were only taken in the mouth. The stick was only “stirred” around in the oral cavity and that was it. The stick had a strange taste. At home, I didn’t feel numb at all, but I did have a strange feeling in my mouth. That shouldn’t have been, since no forcible removal took place. This indescribable feeling lasted a little longer. “

A lady wrote to us:

“I am writing this email to you because my husband had a similar experience after a PCR test as in the cases you described. He claimed that he felt an angina-like scratchy sensation. There was a general malaise. He also had difficulty swallowing.

My husband wouldn’t be in touch with you. So I do it. He would also never make his experiences public because he is embarrassed about everything and he is of the opinion that these complaints suddenly “aren’t that bad anyway” in order to turn them into a more serious matter. And the test wasn’t voluntary either. “

A gentleman wrote to us:

“After the smear was taken by an employee of the company xxx for two days (with macroscopic reddening in the area of ​​the pharynx), I had a slight stomatitis where she had smeared the mucous membrane of the mouth and cheek. Since I am a doctor myself and have taken a few smears, I imagine I can judge how professionally and properly a smear is taken. For the abundant secretion in the mouth and oropharynx one does not have to “scrape” or rubbing it roughly, unless one wants to gain as many mucosal epithelial cells as possible … a rascal who thinks bad after seeing the other “products” of the company xxx Has!?!Incidentally, as part of my trip abroad (Kazakhstan) I had to have another smear taken in a commercial laboratory. The two smears (oro and nasopharynx) were taken much more carefully and accurately by the nurse – although it must be said that the nasopharynx smear is uncomfortable.”

A lady wrote to us:

“I am currently living in an emergency shelter and extensive tests were started here last week for everyone in the house, without notice and without asking for the consent of those tested.”

A lady wrote to us:

“I started a new job and a corona quick test was done before starting work.
In particular, the removal of the cell material with the pointed cotton swab in the nose was extremely uncomfortable and painful, so that I still have symptoms after 24 hours. It was tapped three times in the nose! Shortly afterwards, my eyes completely watered and my nose ran. “

A lady wrote to us:

“After a PCR test, I had sinus pain for about three months. Sometimes the pain went as far as the eye, sometimes it also went to the ear. Sometimes I imagine that there is still some pressure at this point. The stick was very deep. Then there was literally poking around as if something had to be scraped off. “

A gentleman wrote to us:

“I was tested in Wels and later called that I was positive. I found the test to be quite uncomfortable (“DriveInTest” in a “field hospital” (tent)), because a stick was driven quite deep into the nostril, afterwards I felt a slight burning sensation and a hint of smell, I thought the stick had somehow been treated with disinfectant or something, or the smell of the stick because it was in my nose found. Since I drove on straight away, drove home, I was also a little distracted. Afterwards I had “colds without snot”, so to speak, before “only other symptoms” after the test also “dry runny nose”, and had decreased sense of taste / smell, what I get from know other diseases, but with “normal cold” when the nose is closed, so to speak. Later I was back at work, so healthy, except for a slight urge to cough, and an occasional burning sensation in the lungs, which I used to know, like walking through the cold and taking a deep breath of cold air. The sense of taste and smell are restored, only I noticed that I can hardly smell anything on the left, on the right, or “normal”, ie “on both sides”, yes. Now it can also be that the nasal mucosa was somewhat irritated by the stick, and therefore this unilateral and previously briefly bilateral dysomy occurred, and it normalizes again, I’ll wait and see, it will probably normalize again, I’ll be mine too ask the family doctor about it. “

A lady wrote to us:

“I was forced to take the test, unfortunately. If I don’t do it, I won’t have to come to work … so I was told. I would NEVER have taken this test voluntarily! The test was extremely uncomfortable and painful … I felt really physically and mentally abused afterwards … mainly because I didn’t want this test and was forced to do it. A bitter remedy has spread in my throat … and felt all the way to my heart and head … my face got very uncomfortably hot and dark red, I felt sick and uncomfortable … and all the time it was in my nose up to mine Head stabbed. I thought that would be over. But the pain got worse … It was a stinging point where the cotton swab hit my throat and a stinging point in my brain. And again and again my face suddenly turned hot and dark red. I felt bad physically and got aching limbs. Some of my colleagues who were also forcibly tested felt the same way. Some have also felt this bitter remedy which spread unpleasantly. I feel as if there is a foreign body in my throat and head.”

A gentleman wrote to us:

“I often hear that people (who were doing very well in terms of health) and had to or had themselves tested, then either were Corona positive or then happened to have Corona after four days at the latest, or suddenly less than 24 hours later (Corona) were ill and the symptoms then appeared. Coincidence? Within the family: Children who were tested (although hardly any or no symptoms) became seriously ill shortly afterwards (intensive ward currently), or unfortunately with a fatal outcome (since the child already had asthma)!  All tested people confirmed that these cotton swabs tasted strange, even though it should be neutral?”

Feedback without problems

But we don’t want to withhold from you the fact that two readers contacted us who found the investigation “not that bad”. If everything turns out right, that should be the rule rather than the exception.

A gentleman wrote to us:

“We visited the Azores island of Sao Miguel in the summer. Upon entry, either a test not older than 72 hours had to be presented or a free test was carried out directly at Ponta Delgada airport. In our area north of Ulm, a test with the time limit was not possible. In addition, a test would have cost 160 euros. When we arrived at the airport there was a bit of cumbersome bureaucracy, the test itself was carried out by an obviously very experienced young man, uncomfortable but tolerable. After just 12 hours we had the result by email. After 6 days, tests were carried out again in a drive-in test station. Very quickly, again very professionally, all documents from the test station well prepared. The result again after 12 hours.  No consequences of the test. “

A lady wrote to us:

“The day before yesterday I was at the corona test in Gmunden, DriveIn, due to symptoms. I was prepared very well and everything went smoothly. My daughter had warned me: it would hurt a little. “Like when you eat too much wasabi.”  I found it uncomfortable, but not even as bad as too much wasabi. I can imagine that people – like me – take the test because they already feel ailing. And it is easy to get even sicker after the test. It is the same with me. Because I was already “getting sick normally” before.  I am very happy that I was able to take the test. It’s negative. So today I was able to visit my family doctor and I was diagnosed with a completely normal flu-like infection.
Now I can calmly recover. I myself am trained as a sociologist and believe that the question you have chosen leads to a distorted presentation of the tests. “

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