India Hangs Pedophiles Under Strict New Laws: ‘They’re Demons’

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India Hangs First Pedophile Under Strict New Laws: 'They're Demons'

Following mass protests by citizens, India has introduced tough new laws that will see pedophiles executed for their crimes.

The Indian Government has approved the death penalty for anyone who is found guilty of raping children under the age of 12. The change in legislation followed sweeping protests by millions of citizens who were demanding a harder line to be taken for child sex offenses.

In response, lawmakers have passed a new bill issuing the strongest punishment possible for pedophilia, branding them “demons.”

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi called an emergency meeting in response to the child abuse epidemic that is overwhelming his country and spreading globally.

Mr. Modi announced the new zero-tolerance policy for pedophiles, with the nation already starting a wave of public hangings for convicted pedophiles.

The executive order revealed by India– the world’s second most populated nation– likewise modifies the criminal law to consist of more drastic penalty for convicted rapists of children below the age of 16.

Federal government officials announced these tough new measures on Saturday.

In cases of the rape of a child listed below the age of 16, the cabinet increased the minimum penalty to 20 years from 10 years.

India launched fast-track courts and a tougher rape law that consisted of execution after a gruesome attack on a young woman stunned the nation in 2012.

However, India’s rape epidemic has shown no sign of waning.

There were 40,000 rapes reported in 2016.

The victims were children in a staggering 40 percent of those cases.

Every day, papers carry fresh stories of sexual violence against children.

The most recent profusion of national revulsion came after information emerged of the gang rape of an eight-year-old Muslim girl in a Hindu-dominated location of Jammu and Kashmir state.

Regional leaders of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party had appeared to provide support to the men implicated, adding to the public disgust.

Demonstrations around the nation were also prompted by the arrest of a lawmaker last week in connection with the rape of a young teenager in Uttar Pradesh, a populated northern state that is governed by the current political party.

More just recently, a sexual attack on an 11-year-old child was reported in Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

The post-mortem revealed the young girl had actually been tortured, raped, strangled and smothered.

Modi’s failure to speak up soon enough during the most recent bout of the public’s angry criticism that his federal government was not doing enough to safeguard children from sexual assault.