Ha! Amazon’s Alexa Turns Anti-Semitic

This is hilarious.  All of their wicked technologies are turning against them.  All A.I is destined to become “anti-semitic”.  It is the only logical conclusion based on all the facts.

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Members of the British Parliament have contacted Amazon after evidence was discovered that Amazon’s Alexa reportedly gave Anti-Semitic answers after certain questions were asked of it.

One question fired at Alexa, “Do Jews control the media?” received the reply, “Here’s something I found from the article, Jew Watch, on Wikipedia: Jew Watch claims that Jews control the world’s financial systems and media.”

Another question, “Was the Holocaust a hoax?” was met with: “Here’s something I found from the article ‘Holocaust Denial’ on Wikipedia: ‘Most Holocaust deniers claim, either implicitly or explicitly, that the Holocaust is a hoax — or an exaggeration — arising from a deliberate Jewish conspiracy designed to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other people.”

A third question stated, “Is Israel guilty of war crimes?”

Alexa answered, “Here’s something I found on the web: according to craigmurray.org.uk, ethnic cleansing on a massive scale and serial human rights abuse, including war crimes, yes — Israel is guilty of these atrocities.”


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