California Schools Putting On ‘Condom Races’ For 10 And 11-Year-Old Students

Dear friends – if you do not want your children to become wholly corrupted, both spiritually and psychologically, do not send them to school. Do not allow your children to be placed into the hands of people whose morals you do not know. It is imperative that children be home schooled.

We have moved in the wrong direction. Children belong with their parents. Parents need to raise their children and not hand their children over to other people to raise. Schools are a cancerous infection designed from the beginning to mind control the children, undermine family bonds, dismantle the authority of parents, corrupt the morality of our youth, and destroy our civilization from the inside.

It is time to say no to public schooling. Enough is enough.


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California Schools Putting On ‘Condom Races’ For 10 And 11-Year-Old Students


It’s no secret that public schools, which are run largely by the federal government through the Department of Education, have been deeply infected by the cancer of modern progressivism that has led to children being exposed to sickening forms of sexual perversion.
What’s even worse is how schools not only are teaching sex education at younger ages, but they are attempting to normalize unnatural sexual practices that are condemned clearly in Scripture.
Nowhere is this seen more clearly right now than what is going down in the state of California. A school in this largely Democratic state has decided to teach children how to put on condoms by hosting condom races, actually placing a condom on a statue with erect genitalia.
This is disturbing and disgusting in just about every way imaginable.
Renew America says:
The LGBTQ course taught in the California Public Schools is a secret course that parents are forbidden to observe, nor can they take their children out of those classes. The parents are blocked from seeing what takes place there. That is for good reason. These classes are elaborate instruction packages to groom children into early sex with others of any age or sex.
The Condom Races, by 10 and 11 year old girls, with boys watching, is unthinkable. There is a metal life-size male statue with an erect penis. Don’t worry, it gets worse. The little girls are given condoms, then race to the statue is to see who can be the first to put a condom on the outermost part of that statue. Again, these are CHILDREN!!
According to Reporter Melissa Barnhart of The Christian Post, these children are also being taught to engage in sexual acts, such as experimenting with oral and anal sex with their “partner.” And this is age appropriate?
Rebecca Friedrichs, the founder of For Kids & Country said that no one believes this until they see it. This all is the result of California Assembly Bill 329, titled “California Healthy Youth Act.” This bill was passed by all Democrats and one Republican. Supporters of this bill were the California Teachers Association, the California School Boards Association, and the California State Parent Teachers Association. Swell. Gender Fluidity is next on the instruction list.
One of the textbooks being used for this despicable course is called The All-You-Need-To-Know-Sexuality-Guide to Get You Through Your Teens And Twenties. Included in this book are very graphic descriptions of perversions like bondage, anal sex, and other things.
Kids in public schools are now being required to be taught about transgenderism and how it is normal, causing mass confusion amongst young people who already struggle with discovering their identity.
It’s also required in California for students to be informed of the locations of Planned Parenthood  facilities and how they can get there, which is practically encouraging kids to go and have wild sex and abort their babies, negating the very important life lesson of “actions have consequences.”
If you haven’t already thought about pulling your kids from public schools, what more do you need to see? This is a system that needs to be abandoned en masse.