20 Israeli Weapons Companies Set to Visit Virginia – Northam is a JEW

The source of the information below is unknown.  It came in an email today.  Please click on this link to see the company list for the delegation.  And please note that Virginia Governor “Northam” is a jew.  His ancestors owned slaves and his great great grandfather’s name was… Levi Jacob Northam.  Of course the name “Northam” is completely fictitious and is used to cover up the fact that this diseased bloodline is jewish.  But non-jews do not name their children “Levi Jacob.”  Only jews do that.  The mainstream media often refer to Governor Northam as being white.  But he’s not white.  He’s a jew and a member of the satanic cult that is trying to take over America and the Earth.

See the following link for a brief history on this diseased creature masquerading as a legitimate public servant.



A HOSTILE foreign entity that HAS ATTACKED America a dozen times… is now taking over

Israeli Unmanned Systems, Naval & Avionics Defense Delegation Visiting Virginia

At the invitation of Governor Ralph Northam, the Israeli Ministry of Defense is bringing a delegation of 20 Israeli companies with autonomous systems, avionics and naval technologies to the Commonwealth February 3 – 6th 2020.

Israeli companies, Link to Company List including the three largest Israeli defense contractors, are seeking to source $100m of goods and services; develop R&D, manufacturing and sales partnerships with Virginia concerns, as well as, meet with state / agencies, counties / cities to understand their requirements for HLS, law enforcement and securing infrastructure related technologies.

Virginia companies – Please consider which Israeli companies you would like to meet and contact them via the emails in their profile; Link to Company List then inform us to arrange a B2B meeting:

Hampton Roads – (Feb. 5)  Yiannis Papelis  ypapelis@odu.edu 

Fairfax – (Feb. 3)   Kaitlyn Kaitlyn@viab.org

The companies can provide Homeland Security, Law Enforcement / SWAT and critical infrastructure protection with the most innovative and operationally proven technologies in the world.

  • UAV & Aerostats / counter UAV; sea-based unmanned systems for National Guard, Ports & Coast Guard; law enforcement

  • Securing critical infrastructure – using fiber infrastructure; OSint; unmanned systems

  • Police / SWAT – Intelligence; event management; breaching; training; robotic lethal and non-lethal intervention

  • Port Security and Intelligence – Detection of undersea threats; intelligence about ships; Drugs, human trafficking;

  • City and County resources & infrastructure management and event response management


Feb. 3

Fairfax County Lectures and panel discussions with Federal agencies, prime contractors and teaming partners, as well as, pre-arranged B2B meetings between Israeli and Virginia companies. Link to register

Evening event at the Israeli Embassy.

Feb. 4 

Richmond Meetings with leading government officials & state agencies

Feb. 5

Hampton Roads – Commonwealth Center of Innovation for Autonomous Systems (ODU Suffolk) lectures and panel discussions focused on naval and unmanned systems; B2B meetings between Israeli and Virginia defense and civilian unmanned systems and naval related solutions. . Link to register

Evening event in Norfolk.